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Science and innovation have been at the heart of JM for more than 200 years.

We’re dedicated to creating the sustainable technologies of the future, shaped around our customers’ needs, with a focus on enabling the global transition to net zero. Using our knowledge of science and engineering and its applications, we innovate, research and develop solutions to help our customers decarbonise, reduce harmful emissions and achieve their sustainability goals.

Our purpose of catalysing the net zero transition relies on our ability to turn our inspiring science into compelling new technologies that deliver real value for JM and our customers. 

For us, this is the definition of innovation.


Core technical capabilities underpinning our business

Our unrivalled expertise in advanced metals chemistry, catalysis and process engineering  underpins our businesses.

For over 200 years, we’ve used platinum group metal chemistry to tackle society’s biggest challenges. We know how these metals behave and how to harness their powerful catalytic properties in our solutions, making every atom of precious metal count. We understand how to optimise our technologies, adjusting our catalyst formulations and engineering our production processes to improve performance, efficiency and sustainability.   

We also apply our expertise to embed circularity, recovering and recycling the critical materials so they can be used again and again. 

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Collaborative innovation for the future 

JM is full of incredibly talented people with a real passion for science and engineering. All our teams work together to deliver successful innovation – whether that’s understanding customer and market needs, investigating and developing solutions or scaling up the manufacturing of our leading technologies.

Our central research and development (R&D) team provides the backbone of JM’s core technical capabilities. Working alongside customer-facing R&D specialists, our teams develop leading   solutions to meet our customers’ challenges. Collectively they deliver a balanced portfolio of short, medium and long-term innovations, giving us a sustained pipeline of new and enhanced technologies. We capture all intellectual property created during the innovation process and ensure it is appropriately protected and used to maximise value to JM.

However, while we are experts at what we do, we recognise that we can’t do it all alone. At JM, we collaborate with our customers, our partners, academic research institutions and innovation ecosystems. We believe in combining expertise across the value chain to accelerate our innovation and ability to meet existing and future societal challenges.

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Renowned technical expertise

As a global leader in sustainable technologies, we are renowned for our technical expertise in the markets in which we operate.

To drive sustainable industrial transformation and influence developing regulation, we share our technical and market insights with our customers, partners and policy makers.


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