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Make fuels with a lower carbon footprint and provide cleaner energy for transport, industry and homes with proven processes from JM.

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Johnson Matthey is a licensor of world-class process technologies for global markets. Our advanced technologies are used to make many everyday products and will enable the production of the sustainable fuels and chemicals of the future.

Our portfolio of highly efficient and reliable solutions, coupled with our high-performance catalysts and technical support services, have gained us a global reputation as one of the best licensing companies in the world. 

JM licensed process solutions:

  • Improve energy and feedstock efficiency, allowing for lower use of natural resources.
  • Provide cost effective low carbon energy solutions for the reduction of GHG emissions.
  • Offer ways to turn captured carbon into useful end products.
  • Minimise energy requirements, resulting in cost savings and less CO2 emitted.
  • Enable safer operating conditions, operating at a lower temperature and pressure with less harmful feedstocks.
  • Provide simple flowsheets that allow for varying products to be used in one plant.
  • Allow for the decarbonisation of existing chemical plants.

Success for customers around the world

JM’s deep understanding of process flowsheets means we are well placed to offer licensees advice and guidance on running their plants as efficiently as possible. Our large engineering department of differing disciplines enables us to address all enquiries, while our dedicated technology centre and small-scale chemical production facilities allows for the collection of data to assist in engineering design and troubleshooting for licensees. JM’s purpose-built technology centre provides the ability to scale up chemical transformations with the confidence to skip the demo scale, saving development time and costs.

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