Catalysing the net zero transition

We are playing to win in exciting growth markets where our core competencies and technology portfolio can have maximum impact.


We are focusing our portfolio on our core competencies in metal chemistry, catalysis and process technology and divesting Value Businesses. Our goal is to achieve a top three position in all our markets. Our business structure supports this by allowing us to maximise synergies across our four business units: Clean Air, Catalyst Technologies, Hydrogen Technologies, and PGM Services.

Our strategic priorities are to be:

  • leading in the autocatalyst markets
  • the #1 in syngas-based chemicals and fuels technology
  • the market leader in performance components for hydrogen fuel cells and electrolysers
  • the #1 global platinum group metals refiner


We have made progress to develop our people, enhance customer focus and simplify processes and organisational structure.
In 2023/24, the drive to simplify and improve business processes will further accelerate. It will do so through our wide-ranging transformation programme that is fundamentally upgrading JM’s business processes and operating model.


Our strategy is underpinned by a maturing performance culture. By combining science and purpose with a more commercial mindset, we are driving stronger execution, unlocking near-term cost opportunities and positioning ourselves for long-term growth.

Reaching our milestones

We have committed to reaching ten strategic milestones by the end of 2023/24 that evidence the execution of our strategy. Focused on customers, investments, people and sustainability, our strong progress across these milestones highlights the success of our performance culture.


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Our sustainability framework and goals

Our five core values

Guiding how we do things at JM