Joining the dots to unlock value.

“We are keen to engage with groups that give us the opportunity not only to collaborate with a wide variety of organisations, but also allow us to be part of discussions to shape long-term strategies in sustainability."
Maurits van Tol
Maurits van Tol

A win-win for all 

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Collaboration is an important element of innovation, so we collaborate both internally across scientific disciplines and business areas, and externally with customers, industry partners, start-ups and universities.

Addressing big global sustainability challenges requires collaboration and co-operation from partners across the value chains, unlocking different expertise to enable economically viable solutions.

Finding common ground and having successful collaboration results in win-win for all.

Working together with:

Working in partnership, we understand how to best apply our science to solve complex problems, and deliver innovative solutions that bring multiple benefits. We work with our customers to understand their needs, anticipate their requirements, and figure out the complexities of the problems they are facing. We are proud of the strong relationships we have with our customers, and how we use our competitive advantage – science – to help.

We also work in partnership with other technology leaders along the value chain, both bringing expertise and know how to deliver products our customers need.

Here are some recent examples of how we collaborate to deliver real value:


Sarepta Therapeutics



Fulcrum Bioenergy

Industry Councils bring together the whole suite of competencies major changes require. JM wants to have a voice in this transition so we participate with organisations that are shaping the future of sustainable technology and markets.


Hydrogen Council

Battery Alliance

Funded projects

We are a proud participant in many funded R&D partnerships from the EU UK and the USA. These programmes enable innovative science to be developed through early collaboration, whilst sharing risk and working towards a common goal.

We partner in projects where we can use our core capabilities to deliver innovations related to tackling the world’s big challenges – to provide clean air; achieve more with less of the world resources; delivering affordable and accessible healthcare; and enabling a new era of clean energy.

Want to collaborate on a funded project?

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We work closely with academia to stay at the cutting edge of new research, and apply this to our innovations. JM sponsors many PhD students every year in disciplines ranging from state of the art materials characterisation to chemical engineering. Our relationships with universities are very important in our understanding of new scientific approaches, giving us insight into important scientific advances, and the universities how their fundamental research could be applied.


Johnson Matthey Platinum Group Metal Award Scheme

Although there are applications that only the pgms can deliver, the price of the metal can present a barrier to beginning or continuing research. We would like to invite academic and research groups to apply for research-quantities of PGM, which can be used in any field to further their understanding and application.

JM Pgm Award Scheme >>


We recognise that we can’t do everything alone. Complex problems need many different approaches so we are reaching out through partnerships with accelerators and incubators. 


Greentown Labs

Our partnership will focus on fostering opportunities for collaboration between JM and Greentown Labs’ ecosystem of more than 250 current and alumni member companies. The incubator’s community of startups is developing solutions across a variety of cleantech and clean energy sectors including but not limited to transportation, electricity, manufacturing, agriculture and water which align well with many of our key markets.



JM joined forces with Bazan and EDF Renewables Israel and won a competitive tender run by the Israeli Innovation Authority to set up an environmental innovation sustainability lab (ESIL) in Israel. The Israeli government is supporting ESIL with NIS 14 million (approx £3 million) for a 3 year period. The strengths of the Israeli Ecosystem are very well known for diversity of innovative technologies & business models. EDF Renewables, Bazan and JM are funding partners, and JM brings to the partnership our science, technology and expertise in sustainability, alongside our networks, customers, reputation and vision for a cleaner healthier world.  


Want to collaborate with JM?

With our wide range of expertise and capabilities, we are involved in many external collaborative projects. If you would like to discuss potential projects with us, then please get in touch.