Creating transparency with our supply partners

Johnson Matthey is not simply reacting to a changing world; we are actively contributing to catalysing the net zero transition, providing solutions for our customers that will have a positive impact. We expect our supply partners to play a leading role in supporting this vision, directly and through their own supply chains.

Supply partners are expected to familiarise themselves with our new Supplier Code of Conduct which sets out our ambition and expectations when doing business with us. Johnson Matthey is committed to working openly and transparently with supply partners to understand the standards they currently operate to and how we can work together to develop alignment to our Code.

Naturally, supply partners are expected to be fully compliant with all applicable local laws and international conventions.


Doing business the right way

Johnson Matthey is committed to ensuring no retaliation against anyone who raises a concern. When our employees have concerns about potentially illegal or unethical conduct we speak up. We ask the same of our supply partners. In the event of any concerns, we ask that your organisation, or anyone in our supply chain raise them to their usual Procurement contact or alternatively, by using Johnson Matthey’s Speak Up line.


Supply partner commitment

Our supply partners can expect Johnson Matthey to:

  • work together, aligned to our values, in a fair, open and transparent way
  • ensure impartial selection
  • uphold high standards of health and safety
  • be open to and enable fair competition for minority and small, medium-sized enterprises (SME)
  • proactively enable equality, diversity and inclusion, and prevent discrimination.

Thank you for your interest in Johnson Matthey, we look forward to working with you.

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