The methanol industry is growing and new applications for its use are rapidly being explored. Methanol is being seen as a product that can be introduced directly into the gasoline pool by blending. This allows indigenous resources to be used and provides a diversity of supply that can help to reduce dependence on crude oil.

As a commodity, methanol can be easily shipped around the globe and the majority of methanol production at the end of the 20th century was concentrated in regions with low cost natural gas. Today, however, coal has become an important feedstock; in China more than 70% of current production utilises coal or coke oven gas.

Johnson Matthey is the world's leading supplier of methanol and syngas technologies, with customers around the globe using our process.

With our background in methanol plant development and operation, the Johnson Matthey methanol business is unique. From the introduction of the Low Pressure Methanol (LPM) process in the 1960s, Johnson Matthey has led the way in catalyst and technology development.

Today's methanol industry is based around the LPM process, available through our DAVY™ technology licensing or other licensed contractors. Our portfolio of DAVY technology options enables us to offer exactly the right methanol process for your needs, with hydrocarbon feedstocks ranging from natural gas to coal.

We can offer new plants a complete range of converter types, catalyst options and flowsheet arrangements. For both new and existing plants our KATALCO™ range of catalysts combine features of activity, selectivity and strength to allow long lives whilst consistently achieving high yields.

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