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Leading opinions and insights from major stakeholders, academic professionals and JM thought leaders on topics surrounding clean air, clean energy, healthcare and the efficient use of the planet's natural resources.

Martin Hayes

The future for industry will be circular

Turning waste into high-value products makes sense for the environment and the bottom line
Andy Walker

There’s more than one road to a zero-carbon future

Andy Walker on why the use of battery electric vehicles will be vitally important, but won’t be enough to clean up our roads on their own.
Eugene McKenna

Increasing momentum in policy and investment to grow the hydrogen economy

Where are we with hydrogen right now? JM's Managing Director, Green Hydrogen speaks to Climate Action.

Ultra-pure synthetic cannabidiol

We’re utilising our scientific and manufacturing expertise to develop and commercialise ultra-pure synthetic cannabinoids that meet the quality requirements demanded by the pharmaceutical industry.

A bright future for hydrogen

In this article, JM's Eugene McKenna and Andy Walker tell the New Statesman why the UK could be a leader in clean hydrogen technology.

Crystallisation process development

A whitepaper featuring a solid form expert, detailing crystallisation process development in the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)

Early form screening strategies to accelerate candidate selection

A whitepaper featuring a solid form expert, detailing early form screening strategies for pharmaceutical development and the importance of understanding an API’s solid form for formulation development.

Catalysts for collaboration

Demand for greener, more sustainable technologies in the pharma, agro and fine chemicals sectors is growing – catalysis is at the heart of this transformation.
Ahir Pushpanath

The elements of life: catalysing pharmaceutical innovation

JM's Ahir Pushpanath gives a fascinating insight into JM's developments in biocatalysis as he explores how enzymes' unique catalytic abilities drive science by connecting essential life elements.
Chemical catalysts

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