JM and partners launch Environmental Sustainability Innovation Lab (ESIL)

In partnership with Bazan and EDF Renewables, JM is a proud to see the launch of the Environmental Sustainability Innovation Lab (ESIL). Based in Israel, ESIL will support startups focusing on environmental protection and sustainability.

Connecting industries looking for green technology solutions with Israeli sustainability tech entrepreneurs and startups, ESIL will provide a platform for establishing breakthrough sustainable innovation solutions developing innovative and disruptive solutions to environmental problems. ESIL will enable a dynamic ecosystem delivering economically viable technology solutions that support a socially just transition to a NetZero world.

JM joined forces with Bazan and EDF Renewables Israel and won a competitive tender run by the Israeli Innovation Authority to set up an environmental innovation lab in Israel. ESIL will receive funding from the Israeli government to set up a lab with unique technological infrastructure and support ongoing operation and proof of feasibility for projects accepted by the lab. The strengths of the Israeli Ecosystem are very well known for diversity of innovative technologies & business models. Israel is often called "the Startup Nation" and there is a high entrepreneurial mindset in Israel.

We bring to the partnership our science, technology and expertise in sustainability, alongside our networks, customers, reputation and vision for a cleaner healthier world. Through this lab we will strengthen our position as a technology company in the Israeli innovation ecosystem and tap into many commercially relevant technologies.

Reaching out to the wider innovation ecosystem is important to us as it accelerates innovation and helps us identify new opportunities for the future. We are already a Gigawatt Partner with Greentown Labs in the US and are now excited to be launching ESIL with Bazan and EDF Renewables.

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