JM staff use 3D printing to help NHS

To help in the fight against COVID-19, a significant number of individuals at JM and teams globally have started making parts for personal protective equipment (PPE). JM staff have also started working together to set up and operate 3D printing safely, using JM 3D printers.

Some people based in Royston and Brimsdown sites answered a national call and joined thousands of volunteers with 3DCrowd to print visor parts for the NHS. 3DCrowd is a volunteer initiative to tap into people and companies with 3D printing capacity and coordinate the printing and distribution of PPE to crisis centres and local practices alike.

In addition to printing the frames for face visors, other items are also being printed, such as straps that are worn behind the head and serve a fastening point for breathing masks to ensure the strings don’t dig into the wearer’s ears. Hands-free door-handles have also been printed and distributed.

Several employees at other Johnson Matthey sites, both in the UK and internationally, have also been printing in both their private and professional capacity to provide PPE directly to their local centres.

JM has happily made its equipment and materials available to help the cause.

Jonathan McCree-Grey, one of the many people throughout JM who are contributing commented, “It’s great to see 3D printing used in this way to help the NHS. We know many other individuals have been doing printing at home in a similar way. It’s wonderful that we’ve all collectively been able to do what we can to help the health service. We plan to continue doing this for as long as it’s needed.”

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