We supply customised chemicals that produce mixed metal oxides for a wide range of applications including electrowinning, electrorefining, the chloralkali process and cathodic protection.  Our superior chemicals with low impurities provide a high level of protection from corrosion, excellent electrical conductivity and improved catalytic activity.

Our premium chemicals are used in electrode coating manufacturing, where they improve the electrical properties of the anodes while providing corrosion resistance.  When applied during the chloroalkali process, they help to improve chlorine evolution.

One example of where this technology is used is within water ballast treatment systems. When ships travel, ballast water from one ecological zone may be discharged into another, introducing invasive aquatic organisms that can have a big impact on the local biodiversity, economy and even the health of local communities. The treatment systems remove and destroy biological organisms helping to protect the local ecosystem.

Metal oxides also reduce rust on ships when used to coat sacrificial anodes. Precious metal coated titanium anodes are strong, lightweight and offer an outstanding chemical resistance in highly acidic conditions.

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