Catalysed soot filter (CSF)

A catalysed soot filter (CSF) is a coated diesel particulate filter (DPF). Johnson Matthey’s CSF technology removes particulate matter (soot) and catalyses the oxidation of gaseous emissions, converting carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons in carbon dioxide and water:

CO + ½ O2 → CO2

[HC] + O2 → CO2 + H2O

NO + ½ O2 NO2

Composition: Precious metals (Pd, Pt) coated on a wall-flow monolith.

Our catalysed soot filters…

  • Remove over 99% of particulate matter
  • Have high performance at low precious metal loadings and low back pressure
  • Are optimised for specific systems and are durable against temperatures and poisons
  • Oxidise NO to provide favourable NO:NO2 ratios for passive filter regeneration and for downstream catalyst reactions
  • Can be coated onto a range of different filter substrate types.

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