Phosphine pi-allyl Catalyst Kit

Our new range of Phosphine pi-allyl Palladium catalysts are highly active, across a range of challenging cross-coupling reactions. They accommodate extremely bulky ligands and avoid the formation of toxic carbazole that has been shown to suppress reactivity in some cases. They enjoy simple rapid activation and also avoid undesirable catalyst deactivation. 

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Phosphine pi-allyl Catalyst Kit Images
The kit contains one gram each of:

 Catalogue #  CAS #  Description
 Pd-161  1334497-06-1  AmPhos Pd(crotyl)Cl
 Pd-162  1334497-00-5  [P(tBu)3] Pd(crotyl)Cl
 Pd-170  1798782-02-1  XPhos Pd(crotyl)Cl
 Pd-171  1798781-96-0  RuPhos Pd(crotyl)Cl
 Pd-172  1798781-99-3  SPhos Pd(crotyl)Cl
 Pd-173  1798782-11-2  [BrettPhos Pd(crotyl)]OTf
 Pd-174  1798782-25-8  [tBuXPhos Pd(allyl)]OTf
 Pd-175  1798782-15-6  [tBuBrettPhos Pd(allyl)]OTf
 Pd-176  879689-47-1  [(R)-BINAP Pd(allyl)]Cl
 Pd-177  879689-28-8  [XantPhos Pd(allyl)]Cl
 Pd-178  307494-95-7  P(Cy)3 Pd(crotyl)Cl
 Pd-180  1846558-62-0  [BippyPhos Pd(allyl)]OTf
 Pd-181  1385042-42-1  [(o-tol)3P]Pd(crotyl)Cl

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