Standard SCR NOx Control Systems

Our PC-based control system relies on efficient self-diagnostic software. It can detect problems quickly and adjust controls to safeguard against operational issues such as urea plugging.  


Your Value: 

  • Quick installation and reliable commissioning 

  • Proven SINOX® SCR catalyst technology for optimum NOx reduction 

  • Durable stainless steel construction for extended life  

  • Ammonia slip catalyst, controls CO, VOC and ammonia without generating additional NOx 

  • SCR systems available as fully integrated skid-mounted packages 


To optimise performance and achieve compliance, our system offers various NOx control options:  

  • Load-based curve   

  • Closed-loop feedback  

  • Load-based curve with NOx trim 


Used on engines fueled by: 

  • Natural gas, biogas and landfill gas 

  • Liquid fuels such as ultra-low sulphur diesel (ULSD), biodiesel, and heavy fuel oil (HFO) 

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