SINOx extruded honeycomb catalyst

Ours emission control technology guarantees that our customers meet the strictest NOx control requirements. Our SINOx® extruded honeycomb catalysts are effective, efficient and durable. They have been successfully applied in many applications across many industries.  

We develop and manufacture these SINOx catalysts, allowing us to tailor catalyst designs to meet specific customer requirements.   

Delivering value 

  • Designed to resist abrasion and chromium/sulfur poisoning 
  • Supplied in element frames or steel modules for durability and ease of handling  
  • Available in cell densities from 40 to 300 cpsi with variable pitch length to minimise catalyst plugging  


Industrial applications

Low cell density catalyst: for high-dust processes 

Cement manufacturing, biomass, and waste incineration processes 

Medium cell density catalyst: moderate- to low-dust applications 

HFO-fueled marine engines, gas turbines, steam methane reforming, and locomotive engines 

High cell density catalyst: for low-dust exhausts 

ULSD engines and clean-fuel applications such as natural gas engines 

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EU and Asia applications

North America applications