CRT(+)® and SDPF™

Our Continuously Regenerating Technology (CRT®) systems reduce PM, CO and HCs from stationary diesel engine exhaust and uses engine NOx to oxidise soot that is collected on the filter. It is ideal for use with emergency standby, peaking and prime power generators. The CRT(+) is CARB (California Air Resources Board) verified for emergency and prime power diesel generators, and the SDPF is the non-CARB verified version of the CRT system.

Johnson Matthey’s CRT filter technology integrates a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) with a diesel particulate (DPF) filter. The oxidation of soot with NO2 occurs at temperatures that are typical of most engine loads, eliminating the need for a supplemental heat source for diesel particulate filter regeneration. Every CRT(+) and SDPF system is equipped with our SOOTALERTTM data logger / monitor that will alert the engine operator when regeneration of the diesel particulate filter is required and when regeneration is complete.


Typical CRT and SDPF system reduction efficiencies


Pollutant  Reduction 
PM   >85%
CO   >80%
VOC   >70%