Three way (NSCR) catalyst

We offer the three-way (NSCR) catalyst technology preventing harmful pollutants from being emitted into our atmosphere, protecing our people and the planet.  

Our durable three-way catalysts control emissions of pollutants such as NOx, N2O, CO, and hydrocarbons from stationary sources. All of our systems use catalysts developed and produced in JM facilities. This enables us to tailor our products to match specific customers requirements in markets such as rich burn and stoichiometric gas engines, and to control emissions from industrial processes. 

As experts in catalysis, we specially formulate our Pt-Rh catalysts to maximize reduction of pollutants and increase catalyst durability. Designed to perform multiple reactions simultaneously, this allows for the reduction of NOx by CO and the oxidation of CO and HC by oxygen.

Delivering value

  • Our range of options include metallic foil and ceramic substrates 

  • Available as first fit, retrofit, or replacement catalyst

  • Standard three year warranty  

  • NOx / N2O control in nitric acid and adipic acid plants  

  • Available for use with our Modulex™ and DualOx® catalytic converters or in customized sizes to fit existing housings 

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