Dyad Palladate Catalyst Kit

As a cost-effective alternative to in situ and advanced cross-coupling systems, the Dyad Palladates exhibit comparable performance, simplify product purification, and offer a greener alternative to traditional cross-coupling catalysts. These novel catalysts are available as a kit or for individual sale in up to multi-kilogram quantities.



The kit (HMK-005) contains one gram each of:

 Catalogue #  CAS #  Description
 Pd-192  2548904-04-5  [HXPhos]2[Pd2Cl6]
 Pd-193  2548904-00-1  [HRuPhos]2[Pd2Cl6]
 Pd-194  2548904-02-3  [HSPhos]2[Pd2Cl6]
 Pd-195  2548904-08-9  [HBrettPhos]2[Pd2Cl6]
 Pd-196  2548904-05-6  [HtBuXPhos]2[Pd2Cl6]
 Pd-197  2548904-09-0  [HtBuBrettPhos]2[Pd2Cl6]

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