Ashby’s catalyst, 2% platinum

Ashby’s catalyst solution is a Pt(0) complex in tetramethyltetravinylcyclotetrasiloxane. It is used for the addition curing cross-linking reaction between Si-vinyl and Si-H groups. The highly stable catalyst solution provides a long pot life with rapid curing at elevated temperatures.
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Ashbey catalyst

Chemical formula



Product codes

US: C1098 (this product can be ordered worldwide under the above product codes)


CAS number



Product family

Pgm compound solution (organic)





Platinum content

1.9 – 2.4 % w/w 



Pale yellow





  • Platinum is in the zero oxidation state with no chlorides coordinated.
  • Ashby’s catalyst promotes the hydrosilylation reaction in addition cure systems at elevated temperature, with a long pot life at room temperature
  • Ashby’s catalyst is supplied in solution for easy dosing and formulation


Shipping and handling

  • Keep solutions in tightly-sealed containers, ideally under an inert atmosphere
  • Store at temperatures < 30°C
  • Please refer to the relevant Safety Data Sheet for further information.

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