Diversity and Inclusion

Diverse by nature, inclusive by culture: that's our aim.

Our science and our people have shaped Johnson Matthey into the truly innovative, progressive and responsible business that it is today. Over 200 years we’ve grown far and wide, across continents and cultures, and now boast 13,000 employees worldwide. It’s essential that our staff, today and in the future, feel safe, valued and supported in the workplace. There are differences that make us unique, but one overarching similarity that connects us all: we are many people but we are one JM.



Our goal is to create a truly inclusive work culture that fosters engagement and development within a diverse and global workforce. This, among five other targets, forms JM’s sustainability goals to 2025.

To ensure we’re making progress, we have a Diversity and Inclusion taskforce working on a global scale. They draw from best practice to support the development of global policies, training and data monitoring programmes, and facilitate the formation of employee resource groups– networks of individuals who share certain experiences or interests.

Employee resource groups at JM

This group aims to advance and achieve gender balance within JM, where women have the same opportunities as men to fulfil their potential, and feel they have a fair share of professional success. By removing the barriers to gender equality in the workplace, we will enable the best personal outcome for our people and in doing so, improve all aspects of JM.

Launched on National Coming Out Day – October 11th 2017 – Pride in JM aims to enhance the wellbeing and performance of LGBT+ employees and allies. The group has partnered with Stonewall in the UK with the aim of ensuring that we create an inclusive culture for our LGBT+ employees and allies. It is working on putting best practices in place through establishing networks of role models and allies, so that our employees can bring their whole selves to work.

Stonewall Diversity Champions logo

Our Black Employee Network’s (BEN) mission is to improve the recruitment, retention and development of black employees at Johnson Matthey. Focusing on the four areas of attract, develop, community outreach and network, it aims to make Johnson Matthey a more inclusive place where all employees can bring their authentic selves to work.

Our volunteer and community efforts are an important part of what we do, and we aim to support young people, especially those in need of guidance and inspiration, to realise their full potential.

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