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We offer both formaldehyde process technology and catalysts through our FORMOX™ brand, focusing solely on serving the world's formaldehyde producers with outstanding technology, complete plants and high-performance catalysts.

Our unique experience spans almost 60 years and covers everything from process development and plant design to long experience in formaldehyde production, as well as catalyst R&D and manufacturing. In addition, we offer long-term technical support to the more than 170 plants we have supplied throughout the world so far.

Our catalysts are used in these and many other oxide process HCHO plants. Our unique experience covers everything from process development and plant design to long experience in formaldehyde production, as well as catalyst R&D and manufacturing. In addition, we offer long-term technical support to all the plants we have supplied throughout the world.

From our start in 1959 we have constantly evolved the FORMOX process, technology and catalysts, and are now the world leader in this field.

What we offer

FORMOX formaldehyde plants built for flexibility and cost efficiency.

Johnson Matthey supplies a comprehensive range of standard plant sizes that are designed to cover a very broad range of capacities. The idea is to offer formaldehyde producers the greatest possible flexibility in choice of operating point. The plants and catalyst are optimised to give best performance at the capacity you will need. Read more at about our plant range and the FORMOX process.


Johnson Matthey develops, manufactures and markets a range of high-performance FORMOX catalysts to match the specific needs of all types of oxide processes – not only our own. Our catalysts are manufactured under our close supervision at the site in Perstorp, Sweden.

By carefully coordinating the choice of catalyst with the loading plan, we enable formaldehyde producers to achieve optimum performance and economy. This is based on close cooperation and a clear understanding of your production goals and conditions. This in turn is why we always prioritise long-term relationships over quick sales. In other words, our dedicated long-term service offering makes a clear difference on your bottom line.

Tailored to perform

A formaldehyde catalyst is part of a system - one that is as complex as the number of operation parameters involved. Getting the most out of the catalysts in terms of yield and economy requires a thorough understanding not only of how your plant works, but of what you want from it. Our catalysts represent top-of-the-line quality and performance in every respect. But above all it is our vast experience of plant operation, under various conditions, that gives us the expertise to be able to assure you optimum performance in your plant.

Our understanding of every aspect, from selectivity to hotspot behavior to degradation, in various plants, enables us to give you constant support and ensure maximum cost efficiency.

Our catalyst R&D is intensive and ongoing. We have the capacity for sophisticated simulations, for advanced pilot studies, even for full-scale testing at our own plants. The purpose is the same as for our plants; to give you the most formaldehyde for the least methanol.

Many of our customer relations span several decades. Why? We believe that making our formaldehyde expertise available to our customers and helping you to achieve trouble-free, profitable operation is the best reason for you to continue to turn to us for your formaldehyde-related needs. To create value for our customers our technical support consists of these services.

JM-LEVO Formaldehyde portal

  • User friendly
  • Advanced reports
  • Supports decision-making
  • Improves planning

Training and news

  • Training courses
  • Conferences
  • Technical information
  • Communications

Performance review

  • Optimisation of loading profile
  • Process data review
  • Troubleshooting
  • Technical meetings

Plant and catalysts services

  • Plant audits
  • Analytical services
  • Spare parts
  • Johnson Matthey’s Tracerco services

The JM-LEVOTM Formaldehyde portal is our digital solution to make formaldehyde production simpler for producers worldwide. Through this platform, customers are able to securely and easily share data with JM, receive instantaneous reports on their operations and access a wealth of technical information. Optimisation tools, supported by a machine learning model, are provided to give recommendations and guidance on how to adjust operating parameters to achieve your changing business objectives.

The platform has been built not only on our vast experience in the formaldehyde market, but also on the close exchange we have with our plant and catalyst customers.

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Operator training is a part of the scope of undertaking in connection with the sale of a plant. We not only provide a comprehensive training program for your staff in connection with the purchase of a new plant, we also offer refresher training relating to new technology developments and courser for your new operators. We regularly offer refresher training (or training for new personnel), either at our headquarters in Sweden, at your site or in connection with our popular formaldehyde seminars that we host in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

We offer a special service to review your plant from top to bottom, pointing out any shortcomings and offering advice for correcting them. We evaluate the status of the plant and catalysts. A plant audit can be tailored to your specific needs and the result is a report including plant improvements, operating strategies and maintenance suggestions.

Example of items included in a plant audit:

  • Process performance including CO measurement
  • Process gas flow measurement
  • Environmental Control System performance
  • Pressure drop measurements
  • Absorber performance
  • Absorber visual inspection
  • Packed section circulation flow
  • Heat Transfer Fluid level check
  • Methanol spray nozzles performance
  • Boiler Feed Water system
  • Rotating equipment

Technology development never rest, this is the truth also for the formaldehyde industry. New, improved design and new procedures make the production safer, more robust and profitable. We can help plant owners if there is a need for capacity expansion or modernization. Our skilled and specialised team of engineers can explore the possibilities for each case by performing a study. Specific issues requiring extensive amounts of work is offered at a cost.

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