Compact Tier 4 final compliant systems

A reliable system that ensures Tier 4 compliance in a compact package for quick and economical installation.  

Our CompactSCRTTM provides US EPA Tier 4 Final compliance for stationary sources in a simple, factory assembled single-lift module (with pre-installed catalyst and filters). 

Our compact SCRT systems are engineered to ensure efficient urea mixing as well as flow uniformity, guaranteeing high NOx reduction efficiency throughout the system’s lifetime.  


Delivering value 

The CompactSCRT system is suitable for applications where there are space constraints and offers customers single lift capability for ease of use and lower installation costs. The system is engineered for efficient ammonia/NOx mixing for optimum performance and monitors of the critical system parameters (for safe and efficient operation). 

CompactSCRT Features: 

  • Remote commissioning and monitoring available 

  • Easily adaptable to be an ActivDPF® system 

  • Integrated silencer provides attenuation of 40-45 dBA  

  • Hospital-grade standard, extreme attenuation available 


JM CompactSCRT

Compact design without compromising performance, reliability, and flexibility

Performance Reliability Flexibility
Reduced injection nozzle plugging Can meet up to 97% NOx DRE Future-ProofTM designs
'Single lift' design for ease of installation and lower installation cost Remote commissioning and monitoring available Convert to ActivDPF in future
Monitors critical system parameters for safe and efficient operation Easily adaptable to be an ActivDPF system Increase conversion requirements for future needs
Engineered flow and ammonia/NOx mixing for optimum performance Integrated silencer provides attenuation of 40-45 dBA  
Proprietary SCR (SINOx® catalyst) and ammonia slip (ASC) catalysts (if required)    
Global leading diesel particulate filter technology    










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