Pioneering the pathway to sustainable fuels

By converting existing CO₂ emissions to sustainable fuel feedstock, our ready-to-license, innovative synthesis gas technology enables the production of sustainable fuels at scale, without the use of fossil fuels. Known as HyCOgen, this technology leverages the reverse water gas shift (RWGS) reaction to convert renewable hydrogen and captured CO₂ into synthesis gas for Fischer Tropsch (FT) processing. 

HyCOgen + FT CANS™ technology

When integrated with the FT CANS technology (jointly developed with bp), it provides an end-to-end, optimised and highly scalable process that turns over 95% of the CO₂ into high quality synthetic crude oil. Sustainable synthetic drop-in fuel can then be blended for existing road vehicle engines, planes and ships. 

HyCOgen and FT CANS are being selected for plants across the world, such as in a new Repsol and Aramco synthetic fuel plant in Bilbao, Spain, which uses renewable hydrogen and CO₂ as its only raw materials.  

HyCOgen technology can be scaled to meet the demands of your project. The scalability of the combined HyCOgen and FT CANS solutions enables cost-effective deployment across a wide range of project sizes. Either technology can also be licensed independently. 

Why partner with JM?

A partner you can trust

Working with us, you can help to de-risk the pathway to sustainability. As a recognised and established technology provider, you can benefit from the informed decision making that comes with Johnson Matthey’s consultative and licencing experience.

We are a world-leader in syngas generation technologies and applications and have over 20 commercial scale plants operating around the world based on the same fundamentals.

Project assurance

All our projects are supported by substantial R&D and engineering resources provided throughout the project lifecycle. Furthermore, JM stands behind its technology with process guarantees, built on many years of experience and industry-leading, developed technology.

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