Nitrous oxide abatement catalyst

Through our co-operation with Yara International ASA, we supply high performance secondary nitrous oxide abatement catalysts. And our containment baskets are specifically designed in conjunction with these.


The Yara abatement catalysts are odourless solid pellets of around 9 x 9mm with the following properties:

  • 2000°C melting point
  • Density of 1-1.2 g/cm 3
  • Very slightly soluble in cold water
  • <0.0005g/dm 3 solubility at 20°C
  • Highest known vapour density >1

We've successfully installed N2O catalysts into a range of low, medium and high pressure plants worldwide, with abatement of over 90% being achieved.

The Yara 58-Y1 N2O abatement catalyst has no impact on nitric acid production and can be easily installed. As well as high levels of abatement, this stable catalyst offers several benefits, including:

  • Giving a low pressure drop
  • A long lifespan
  • Resistance to sintering
  • No risk of downstream pollution.

We provide technical support throughout the whole process, including analysis.

Nitrous oxide is the principal pollutant released during ammonia oxidation, with 310 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide. It is recognised under the Kyoto protocol, an initiative to tackle climate change, as one of six greenhouse gases that needs to be controlled and reduced.


Abatement basket engineering

We are experienced in successfully designing robust, stable containment baskets specifically customised for the burner in conjunction with the N2O catalyst. This avoids preferential flow, which improves the performance of the abatement catalyst, helping to increase the conversion efficiency and minimise operational costs.

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