Fuel processor catalysts

JM has vast experience in developing catalysts and processes for hydrogen generation from a range of feedstocks. The HIFUEL® catalyst range is designed specifically for distributed hydrogen generation systems such as those used in reformate fuel cell applications. The HIFUEL range includes both base metal and precious metal catalyst solutions for integration into advanced fuel processing concepts.

HIFUEL catalysts complement Johnson Matthey’s HISPEC® range of fuel cell catalysts and MEAs.

  HIFUEL base metal catalysts  HIFUEL precious metal catalysts 
Products  Hydrodesulphurisation (A320)
H2S removal (A310)
Pre-reforming (P410)
Reforming (R110, R120)
Water gas shift (W210, W220, W230)
Water gas shift
Selective oxidation
Benefits  High activity / unit volume
High geometric surface areas
Shapes suited to compact reactor designs 
Fuel flexibility
High activity

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