COS removal

The removal of COS is carried out by a two stage process which involves the hydrolysis of the COS and the subsequent absorption of the H2S which is produced by this reaction. A similar reaction mechanism can also be employed to carry out the hydrolysis of CS2.

The choice of absorbent depends on the temperature, pressure and concentrations of other impurities within the hydrocarbon stream.

  • PURASPECTM for purification of vent gas
  • PURASPEC for removal of H2S from natural gas, LNG, associated gas and shale gas
  • PURASPEC for purification of LPG


Product benefits

  • Low and stable pressure drop due to high particle strength
  • Cost effective sulphur removal
  • Reliable performance and long predictable lives
  • Sulphur removal to very low levels
  • Easier disposal because sulphur is chemically absorbed to give stable metal sulphide

Please note that this is not the complete range of PURASPEC absorbents for COS hydrolysis. Johnson Matthey representatives should be consulted to determine which product is most appropriate for any given application/duty.

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