Science and Me is our global community impact programme with a goal to improve access to quality STEM education and opportunities for young people.

It encompasses local charitable partnerships and projects, volunteering and grants across JM sites and directly contributes towards our community investment pillar, Science for a sustainable future.

The programme promotes science, and the subjects underpinning it, as a key enabler to protecting people and the planet, and contributing to a diverse, skilled workforce for the future, by empowering the next generation of STEM professionals.

Through our programme, we target five key areas:

  • Attitudes of young people and influencers
  • Inspiring teachers and training
  • Career pathways
  • Careers advice
  • Diversity, inclusion, and social mobility
Science and Me aims to target learners who are typically excluded from STEM because of personal characteristics or socio-economic background. By 2030 we aim to reach 10,000 young people, typically excluded from STEM, through quality STEM-related interactions and experiences involving our people.

Science and Me in action

At the heart of Science and Me is our employee-led grant scheme. It allows our sites to access two types of funding for their communities:

Tier one > providing up to £20,000 to run local Science and Me projects in partnership with local charitable/educational delivery partners.

Tier two > providing up to £5,000 to local schools to improve STEM learning for their students. 

We encourage our people to reach out to our Group Charity team with ideas or projects they’d like to endorse.

At a glance

In its first three years, Science and Me...

  • has awarded 29 grants to 16 non-profits and seven local schools.
  • has invested £440k+ in Science and Me projects around the world.
  • is on track to reach 35,000+ young people through STEM-based interactions.
  • has engaged volunteers from 15 of our sites across four countries. 

Improving access to quality science education

Hear from some of our Community Ambassadors who are working on the ground with local organisations

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If you think we can work together to make science more accessible, enjoyable and aspirational for young people, please get in touch.

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