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Gusev catalysts

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As a proven leader in the development of homogeneous catalyst systems, we continually innovate to bring improved processes to industry.

Our Gusev catalysts provide a greener alternative to the use of hydrides for the reduction of esters and other carbonyl compounds. They enable customers to achieve highly selective reductions at low catalyst loadings, greatly improving the economics and environmental impact of many industrial processes. With our extensive in-house expertise, we collaborate with customers to optimize this technology for more efficient and cost-effective processes.


Working in partnership


We support customers with the implementation of our innovative technologies though customised collaborative programs including:

  • Product samples for in-house testing

  • Technical recommendations and advice

  • Collaborative R & D  projects

    • minimise catalyst cost contribution

    • process optimisation to suit capabilities

    • proof-of-concept demonstration

Gusev catalysts

Ru-SNS and Ru-PNN catalysts provide cost-effective, greener alternatives to the use of hydrides for the reduction of esters and other carbonyl compounds. Mild reaction conditions and minimal workup are significant advantages over hydrides, and a three to ten-fold reduction in the environmental metrics (E-factor) is achievable when replacing hydride processes with Gusev catalyst technology.


C1-750 (Ru-SNS) >>

C1-850 (Ru-PNN) >>

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