Olefin purification catalysts

Feedstocks are being sought from alternate sources in order to increase the profitability of plants. These feedstocks bring with them new contaminant challenges.

Mercury is found in an ever-increasing number of hydrocarbons worldwide. The level of mercury can vary significantly depending on location. The situation is made more complex in refineries and petrochemical plants, as liquid feedstocks can contain elemental, organic and inorganic species.

Complete removal of mercury is advisable to avoid catastrophic failures in cryogenic equipment, to prevent poisoning of process catalysts and for health and safety reasons.

Crude olefin streams from refinery sources can bring elevated levels of carbonyl sulphide, chloride and arsine which can affect the performance of catalysts and equipment.

The new generation of PURASPECTM absorbents have been shown to give effective removal and long life without impacting product quality as well as meeting some of the most demanding purity requirements of polyethylene producers, polypropylene producers and other users of high purity ethylene and propylene.

We can provide a full range of products to ensure an economic purification solution.

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