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profile pic Various 04 Nov 2021
How a circular economy and nanotech save us from a clean energy bottleneck

The transition to clean energy is increasing demand for precious metals. JM experts explain the innovations in nanotechnology and recycling enabling a carbon-neutral future. ..Read more

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profile pic Suzanne Ellis 03 Nov 2021
Five surprising ways to increase living standards sustainably

From making plastics from plants, to cleaning up deliveries - Suzanne Ellis explains how we can make the industries associated with our modern living standards more sustainable. ..Read more

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profile pic Suzanne Ellis 28 Oct 2021
From a fossilised past to fuels and chemicals of the future

Suzanne Ellis’s guest editorial for the Johnson Matthey Technology Review discussing the transformation to net zero in the fuels and chemical industries. ..Read more

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profile pic Alan Nelson 14 Jan 2019
The elements of business

Our Chief Technology Officer talks about how platinum group metals are pushing battery and catalyst development. ..Read more

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profile pic Sam French 28 Nov 2018
The hydrogen opportunity

With a focus on the efficient use of natural resources, Johnson Matthey has developed a technology that could help to lower greenhouse gas emissions by improving process efficiency when producing hydrogen. ..Read more

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Carlos Fonte 29 Aug 2018
Leading the way in binder jet ceramic 3D printing

An overview of new advances in the field of ceramic 3D printing by JM's ALM Design & Modelling Engineer, R&D, Carlos Fonte. ..Read more

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