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Policies, disclosures and position statements


Our global anti-bribery and corruption policy supports our zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption. It states how our employees should behave and what they should do if confronted with bribery or corruption.

The policy is available in several languages, visit the page below to select your language.

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This document sets out the policy of Johnson Matthey Plc (the company) in respect of board diversity.

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Johnson Matthey is firmly committed to managing its activities throughout the group so as to protect the environment and safeguard the health and safety of its employees, customers, the community and all other stakeholders.

The company’s Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) policies provide the guiding principles necessary to ensure that high standards are achieved at all sites around the world. They also afford a means of promoting continuous improvement based on risk assessment and comprehensive EHS management systems, against which all sites are audited.

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Our standards on human resources are progressive, consistent and aimed at bringing out the best in our people – we value diversity as a core component of a sustainable business.

Johnson Matthey's human resources policies are implemented through the corporate human resources standards which set requirements for operations throughout the group to follow.

These standards are generally in advance of legal requirements and provide internal consistency. They are supported by detailed regional procedures or individual business procedures. All of these policies and procedures are subject to regular review to ensure that they continue to reflect both regional best practice and local legislation. Site specific human resources policies and procedures are communicated to staff at inductions and through staff handbooks. Human resources policies and risks are examined by the Group Management Committee and the Group Policy Compliance Committee and are reported to the board.

Johnson Matthey has employment policies on equal opportunities and on training and development.

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Conducting our business in an ethical and sustainable way is fundamental to Johnson Matthey, and our Code of Ethics sets out individual and collective responsibilities in respect of this.

This Ethical and Sustainable Procurement Policy, which applies to all purchases of goods and services, sets out how we will conduct business with our suppliers and describes the expectations we have of our suppliers regarding the way they conduct their business.

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Johnson Matthey is committed to developing a truly inclusive culture that supports diversity within our company. This is hugely important for us as we want everyone who works for us to feel included. In addition, leveraging that diversity will enhance our innovation, enabling us to create better products for our customers and a cleaner, healthier world today, and for future generations.

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Position statements

The California Transparency in Supply Chain Act of 2010 (SB 657) (the "Act") requires certain companies that manufacture or sell products in the state of California to disclose their efforts to address the issue of slavery and human trafficking in their supply chains.

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Johnson Matthey recognises that we are responsible for the impact of our business activities on the people who work for or with us and the people within the communities where we operate. We act on this responsibility by using our influence to promote and protect the human rights of all those we work with and alongside.

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At Johnson Matthey, we are dedicated to exceeding our customer expectations. We accomplish this goal, in part, though strong collaborative partnerships with suppliers who share our commitment to quality, efficiency and operation under a philosophy that ensures integrity and compliance. Johnson Matthey is an organisation that does the right thing, and we expect our suppliers to do the right thing too.

This Code applies to all suppliers and service providers that do business with Johnson Matthey or any of our subsidiaries. Adherence to the Code provides one of the building blocks to our supplier evaluation process.

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Russian (download, PDF)

The purpose of this manual is to describe the requirements of the Johnson Matthey Supplier Management System (JM-SMS) as run by Clean Air Sector. Suppliers shall familiarise themselves with the JM-SMS and comply with its requirements.

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Our approach to corporate governance

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